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Join us in building international bridges 

PrimedinFabrik provides startups an equal platform that brings sustained partnerships by building competency exchange, co-creation and most importantly trust in the other ecosystem.

What is Project101?

A cohort based engagement of complementing cross border innovators working on tested problem statements to co-create technology partnerships, joint innovation projects under a venture studio model. The current geographies are India – Germany – Europe.


  • Drive inter-operability of cross border startups by aligning their innovations and the scope to collaborate on an equal platform.

  • create sustainable commercial partnerships and market access through tech co-creation and exchange

  • Extend partial funding to these tech partnerships

  • Align and scale the current framework to multiple sectors and geographies.


  • The program identifies problem statements relevant to both markets given by govts. 

  • Supports internationalizing startups in creating technology and innovation sharing partnerships among complementing cross border startups.

  • An online dating period with potential technology partners bolstered with market entry support followed by onsite tinkering.

  • Fund commercial partnerships with attractive equity models, acting as a venture studio.

  • Provides a technology platform for seamless execution of the program.


  • Latest and most pressing bi-lateral problem statements are addressed. 

  • Increases startup readiness to internationalise leading to market entry and FDIs

  • Instils mutual trust, intercultural competence; busts myths, prejudice.

  • De-risks the internationalization process and partnerships with the venture fund

  • Online platform enables scale for larger cohorts and multiple geographies.


Below are the sectors which are of highest prominence to our chosen geographies for bi-lateral partnerships, economic exchange and joint technology cooperation! The sectors and problem statements are indicated to us by our govt. parters and sector focused think-tanks. 

Digitalisation & AI  -  Mobility  -  Health & Life-sciences 

Fin-tech  -  Manufacturing & IOT  -  Climate-Tech & Sustainability

You will soon have access to the specific problem statements in each of these sectors! 

Ideal scenarios

How do we define a collaboration?

A collaboration is when a startup in the process of internationalization, identifies cross-border partners and enters into a commercial activity.


A few ideal scenarios

  • Identifying specific cross-border partner/s 

  • Engaging in a POC 

  • Entering into an MoU or a more formal JV

  • Acquiring funding for the partnership*

  • Entering the international market by setting up their company or subsidiary


*As the startups secure investments for the partnerships,  attractive equity arrangements are offered or the startups can exit with a fee.

Who can join us? 

Our program is curated for highly committed startup founders 

  • Internationalising to India/Germany(Europe)

  • Seeking technology and innovation partnerships, POCs

  • Solving the most pressing problem statements

We support them in their journey of internationalisation by providing mentoring, financing and access to precise cross-border network in India and Germany (extending to South East Asia and Europe).

To create maximum impact for our startups we invite enablers, govt. institutions, corporaes, academia, mentors & investors to be part of our platform.

Please engage with us below to be part of our network!

Why India - Germany?

To create our frame-work we procured and studied an exhaustive list of internationalizing startups, cross-border enablers, govt. institutions, investors especially between India and Germany and have concluded that 

  • ​The need to collaborate with India for Germany increasing -

    • Innovation:  Digitalization access from India to Germany

    • Political: De-risking from China

    • Economical: To tap into the Indian 10x market size at an optimized cost

  • Partnering with Germany 

    • To adopt highly advanced technologies in manufacturing, renewables etc

    • for sustainable and high quality practices in supply chain

  • Highly decentralized and fragmented ecosystems in both locations

  • Opportunity to establish and align standards for technology sharing and mitigating intercultural issues, trust building

  • Gap in funding partnerships and technology co-creation projects

  • Needs momentum in addressing these issues at scale

You will sooon find here, some case-studies in the sectors of digitalization, mobility, sustainability, life-sciences which support our framework and the potential in investing in cross border technology partnerships and inter-operability of international startups and innovators! Stay tuned!


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