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Innovate. Create Impact. Go Global.

Join our vibrant community of global innovators, enablers, industry leaders and investors. 

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Technology Class

Be the driver of Innovation 

From ideas to market - We help you to build your business from scratch and getting it off the ground with the help of our collective team of finest technical experts and thought leaders. We will support you throughout all stages of your entrepreneurial journey.

Bridge the technological gaps for a better tomorrow

We are in a quest for empowering the trailblazers to leverage their full potential in order to envision & build path breaking products which could contribute meaningfully to the society at large.


Tap into the global market

We believe in change through robust collaboration and sustainable partnership. With our vast network of partners consisting of investors, entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators and corporates from India & Germany, we aim to help startups to grow and scale their business in the global market.

About us

PrimedinFabrik exists to enhance the economic value and entrepreneurial development of innovators and industry.

​​We aim to be the platform of choice for Indian and international innovators in their journey to scale, to solve global challenges, co-create their path breaking solutions through a collective team of finest technical experts and thought leaders.

We work with governments, corporates, investors and global enablers to realise our mission in delivering such platforms.

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